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Business Week cover of Hot Growth Companies

John Lynch founded a company  he took public as the only profitable company in its sector with productivity more than twice industry averages. It was a Business Week “Hot Growth Company” and one of the Top 10 “Best Small Companies” in America.

John’s also been a business consultant and Seminar Speaker on marketing and strategic planning at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Helping YOU Become a Hot Growth Company

After selling his business and pursuing other interests, John’s decided to return to consulting to help revitalize other small and medium sized businesses to achieve the kind of success he found with his own business.John Lynch of Peak Profits Advisors photo

He’s teamed up with best-in-class experts in related business specialties – engineering and accounting for cost segregation studies to recover tax overpayments, for example – and best-of-breed resources to complement his own expertise.

Specific capabilities offered include:

  • Cost Recovery – The majority of businesses in America have overpaid federal income and local property taxes due to inadequate property classifications, as well as overpaid vendors and suppliers due to errors, unclaimed discounts, and other payment oversights. Correcting these mistakes requires intensive auditing, but their impact on business cash flow and future expenditures can easily reach six figures and more.
  • Cost Savings – In addition to recovering past overpayments, most businesses have multiple processes in their operations that are less than optimal for a host of historic reasons that may no longer apply. Tightening up these wasteful operating practices improves efficiency and productivity that reduces operating costs. These recurring savings fall dollar-for-dollar straight to your bottom line.
  • Revenue Growth – Traditional sales and marketing practices have lost much of their effectiveness as consumers have become more savvy and empowered buyers as the internet has substantially changed the buying cycle and buying behaviors. Old-fashioned word-of-mouth remains important, but digital word-of-mouth – in the form of online reviews and business ratings – has greatly changed buyers’ pre-sales activities and buying criteria. Savvy businesses adapt their marketing and sales processes to these marketplace realities and leverage their online presence to position their businesses as market leaders and dominate their competition.Business Week cover of Hot Growth Companies

While the initial cost recovery analyses are available on a contingent fee basis – no savings, no fee – more in-depth cost-saving and revenue-generating services are provided on a retainer basis that starts with a 2-day business diagnostic focused primarily on cash flow and profitability.

If clients then wish to have us help with further analysis and implementation, a 3-phase business strategy process helps set the stage for process improvements to reduce costs and increase revenues on an expedited and sustainable basis.

Could YOUR Business Use a Profit Boost?

In order to devote the time and focused energy this requires, we’re limiting our clientele to a relative handful of companies that are a good fit and have the necessary desire and commitment to do whatever it takes to realize their full business potential.

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