Reduce Your Business Property Tax

Stop Overpaying Business Property Taxes

Most business owners realize they overpay in business property taxes, but feel helpless to do anything about it. There’s a way to fix this, however, with the right approach to capture 15% or more of recurring annual property tax savings and, in some cases, refunds of past overpayments.

Commercial property tax appeal, however, isn’t a simple process. Many businesses shoot themselves in the foot by…

  • Attempting to master it on their own, or
  • Using overly aggressive lawyers in an adversarial approach that’s usually counter-productive (you risk a property tax increase – not a reduction – with this mistaken approach).

First a brief overview of the Property Tax Mitigation process and benefits to business owners…

Property Tax Deduction for Business Property Tax

Property Tax Deduction Benefits for Business Owners

A few case studies illustrate the potential commercial property tax benefit in dollars and cents…

Manufacturer Case Studies

Hotel and Auto Dealer Case Studies

Following is a brief outline of how the process works, first from the client perspective and then how we proceed through the business property tax process with the taxing authority…

The Client Process

The Appeal Process

Over 90% of commercial real estate is eligible for abatement.

To learn how much in recurring business property tax savings your business may be eligible for, click the link below to schedule a 15-minute no-obligation walk-through of our client screening eligibility app…

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