Cybersecurity Training for U.S. Businesses

Smart business owners and managers realize they have some catching up to do when it comes to defending their businesses from the rampant and pervasive cyber-attacks that are now common in the United States.

Today’s constant cyber threat is to confidential business systems and data, intellectual property and even to business continuity and profitability. Few businesses can afford the business disruption, likely lawsuits and loss of market confidence that these highly publicized events generate.

Cybersecurity Training for U.S. Businesses is a free resource to help U.S. businesses improve their cyber defenses and adopt a more proactive mindset and engaged employee culture regarding the need for greater cyber awareness in everyday business practices.

Given the ongoing transition to work from home and personal device access to company resources by employees, much of this training guide is geared to company employees and can serve as the foundation for a comprehensive employee awareness program around cybersecurity threats and best practices.

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