Small Business Help with Cash Flow Problems

Small business help is more critically needed by U.S. businesses than ever due to often devastating cash flow problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Some have closed their doors, some permanently. Others are struggling as revenues have declined substantially. 

While some government stimulus programs have helped some businesses, it hasn’t been enough for most that continue to struggle financially. This is forcing many U.S. business owners and managers to reassess their cash flow opportunities.

Small Business Help

Thankfully, there are ways to increase your business cash flow that don’t require more sales and don’t need to be repaid like corporate loans.

Because there are few ways to increase sagging sales revenues in this uncertain economic environment, savvy business owners and managers are reevaluating their costs. However, these should include not just payroll but tax incentives and vendor cost saving opportunities that can also generate new sources of business cash flow. 

These include federal, state and local tax incentives and vendor audits to eliminate common overpayments that are often hidden amid industry jargon and complex classifications and misclassifications. These are common with credit card merchant processing fees and workers comp insurance premiums, among others.

Solve Your Cash Flow Problems
By Unlocking the Hidden Cash Flow in Your Business

This brief video outlines how this process can be streamlined, outsourced and optimized to generate new sources of business cash flow that can provide the small business help with cash flow problems that’s so desperately needed for more businesses to recover and prosper during the remainder of the pandemic and thereafter.


Quick Walk-Through Shows How To Get This  Small Business Help

This isn’t just theory. The algorithms behind the pre-screening app that’s demonstrated in the video below are based on over 18 years of successful experience finding and capturing these cash flow savings for business clients – none of which were ever denied by the IRS for the tax savings and refunds our professional studies documented.

This track record of success is why Keller Williams Commercial has chosen us as their national preferred provider for cost segregation services.

The work required to provide supporting documentation to successfully claim any savings for which your business qualifies is coordinated with your CPA or Accountant, who files for the tax savings and refunds we find – and there’s no fee if we we’re unable to find such savings.

This second brief video demonstrates how this process is initiated with a series of questions to provide the company-specific inputs that drive the initial estimate of your company’s potential tax and vendor savings.

 Take Fast Action for Fast Results

You can quickly see how much in potential savings and new cash flow your business is eligible to receive. For a quick self-service screening of your business cash flow opportunities, click here or on the image below and answer a few quick questions about your business to put our screening tool’s algorithm to work for your business at no cost or obligation.

If it makes sense for you business, you can schedule a time there for a more detailed assessment of your company’s cash flow opportunities. You can even self-service an account set-up there to expedite the documenting and claiming of these cash flow benefits for your business.

help for small businesses with cash flow problems
Recover your COVID-19 losses

Alternatively, to schedule a more in-depth 15-minute assessment of your company cash flow opportunities, click here.

Unlock the Hidden Cash Flow in Your Business