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Many U.S. businesses are struggling to survive and recover from the coronavirus pandemic and are desperate for new business capital to maintain and grow their businesses. Many of these businesses can pre-qualify for new and ethical sources of cash flow – that never needs to be repaid – in the form of tax credits and deductions that often include refunds for prior year overpayments.

See how the process works with this 5-minute video walk-through of the screening app used to pre-qualify small and midsize U.S. businesses. The average business saves over $240,000 and many receive much more.

If it makes sense for your business, you can then schedule a 15-minute Zoom call to see how quickly you can pre-qualify for tax incentives and how much additional cash flow you can expect over the next few weeks and months – some of it recurring.

And if we’re unable to find any new sources of working capital for your business, there’s no fee for our services.

Schedule a 15-minute Zoom call to see how much your own business can expect to generate in new working capital starting in a few short weeks. Or you can receive an instant analysis and self-activate an account to get started immediately here.

And it won’t cost a dime to find out how much your business qualifies for…

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