Lost Customer Reactivation

Your Fastest Marketing ROI

Where Did Your Customers Go Signs - Finding Lost Customer BaseMost businesses focus their sales and marketing efforts on finding new customers.

That’s understandable, but it often overlooks more fertile opportunities among their existing customer base – often lying neglected in a lonely database somewhere.

These are what we call your “lost customers” – and finding them and bringing them back into your sales loop can produce more sales faster and more assuredly than any other marketing opportunity available to you.

Are They Really Lost?

They are if they’re no longer in your sales funnel – you do have a sales funnel, right?

The problem with most sales funnels is they capture leads and follow them up for a brief time and then they mostly disappear from view.

But existing customers are often the first to disappear, as represented in this visual depiction of a typical business sales funnel.

business sales funnel -back-end-lost-customers


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