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Recover past overpayments,
achieve future cost savings &
grow revenues with strategic
sales and marketing initiatives.


  • Has your business growth stalled or is it just plain underperforming?
  • Are your profits lackluster or even non-existent?
  • Has your business turned into a J-O-B?

These are why Peak Profits Advisors exists – to help jolt your business back to life, revive its growth, and resume the kind of profitability you once enjoyed.

And the good news is it won’t cost you a dime unless we save you money. No savings, no fee.

Then – if you’re satisfied with our initial cost recovery efforts – you can retain us to carry out more extensive cost saving and revenue generating services for your business (see Your 3-Step Peak Profits Process for details).

None of what we do is rocket science, but it requires a discipline and objectivity that makes it seldom addressed outside the large companies that can afford six-figure consultants. And even they often end up with only five-figure results.

Our 3-Step Process

Here’s how we approach helping to revitalize and grow your business. Each phase can be separately and sequentially pursued to assure complete satisfaction with the quality, transparency, and results of our work.

Phase 1 – Cost Recoveries

Our systematic analysis of your business starts with an intensive cost recovery program that captures overpaid taxes, tax credits, and stimulus subsidies and repositions your company assets for fatter margins and faster cash flow.

Phase 2 – Operational Savings

Phase 2 moves from finance to operations with an intensive business diagnostic to find operating savings based on a series of relevant audits that identify savings opportunities without cutting staff.

Phase 3 – Sales & Marketing Tune-Up

Once the back-end of your business is optimized, Phase 3 will focus on tuning-up – and perhaps rebuilding – your sales and marketing for renewed business growth and profitability.

First up here is to refocus on another business asset that’s often wasted – your past customers, or as we call them, your “lost customers“.

This is your most fertile and easily tilled soil for sales. Yet instead of farming this rich soil, most companies are preoccupied with hunting for new customers using ineffective outbound advertising campaigns with poor, and often unknown, ROIs.

We can help you fix this with a perpetual sales funnel that scores your past customers for their current buying stage and filters out those closest to another purchase for contact and follow-up by your sales team.

If you don’t currently have such a sales funnel in place, we’ll help you design one.

This will result in you replacing cold sales calls with warm calls to only those prospects that have indicated their readiness to buy with their responses to your email campaign. Email, by the way, generally produces a 40:1 ROI when it’s properly constructed and executed.

With a proven sales funnel in place, we can then identify advertising and marketing waste and reprioritize your marketing spend for improved ROI, sales, and customer retention.

This focus on nurturing your existing customer base is not only far less expensive than hunting only for new customers, but will increase the lifetime value of your customer base. This enhances the value and attractiveness of your business for whatever growth and/or exit opportunities you wish to pursue.

The net result will be a series of revenue boosters ranging from smarter-ROI advertising to sales and customer service training to reinvigorate your top and bottom lines.

Phase 4 – Revenue Diversification

A final phase of exploring and exploiting vertical and horizontal diversification opportunities will position your business for potential recapitalization and/or exit strategies on timing and terms of your choosing.

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