GMG Specialized Tax Incentives [Video]

Specialized Tax Incentives

Growth Management Group (GMG) is America’s leading full-service stimulus consulting firm specializing in local, state and federal tax incentives.specialized tax incentives with GMG

To date, GMG’s engineering, intellectual property and other professionals have assisted clients in securing over $4 billion in tax and vendor savings through it’s custom consulting process.

GMG’s Specialized Tax Incentive services include completion of…

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) of up to $9,600 per eligible new hire for employers hiring from targeted disadvantaged populations
  • Cost segregation studies that accelerate depreciation of certain commercial and income-producing property components;
  • Property tax reduction and recovery;
  • Energy tax incentive audits; and
  • Manufacturing payroll (research and development, or R&D) tax credit studies.

Industries We Serve

Commercial Property Owners


Engineering/Architectural/Constructions Firms

Automotive Dealerships


Senior Housing & Assisted Living Facilities

Medical Office building & practices, surgicenters, etc.


Funeral Homes

…and many other industries make up our portfolio of satisfied clients.

Risk-Free ROI

The problem for most small and mid-size tax-paying businesses is that the cost to conduct the studies required to claim these tax savings often exceed the savings themselves – resulting in a negative ROI. GMG’s experience is that roughly one in three tax-paying businesses fall into this category, representing a significant downside risk.

GMG eliminates this risk by waiving its fees if their estimated savings fail to generate a positive ROI for its clients…No Savings, No Fee.

In the case of cost segregation studies that accelerate depreciation of non-structural building components, GMG’s fixed fee is guaranteed not to exceed 10% of tax benefits – assuring a 10:1 ROI with no risk of a negative ROI.

What Our Clients Say

“We realized a considerable savings that would’ve otherwise gone to the IRS.  We now understand why you are the leader in Cost Allocation Studies.”
Sandra, Holiday Inn Franchise Owner
“Our accountant told us about this opportunity after we did  our remodel but indicated that the cost could possibly outweigh the benefits. After having our plan done by GMG and utilizing it in our tax preparation our accountant tells us that it was a very good investment that will recoup itself many times over in the years to come.”
                                                                           Linda Barkey, Medical Facility Owner

Your Growth Is Our Business

There’s no faster or safer way to add six figures or more to your bottom line and cash position than properly-conducted tax savings and incentive studies that can help many U.S. businesses – especially commercial building owners with taxable liability – recover tax over-payments and claim relevant tax incentives.

This cash infusion can then be reinvested in growing your business.

GMG’s tax minimization and optimization services are fully compliant with the requirements of the IRS and other applicable taxing authorities. Our success in never having had a tax savings claim for our clients denied by the IRS is evidence of the compliance, accuracy, and conservatism of our study methodologies.

It’s your money, after all. Why pay more in taxes than you’re required to?


To use our online tax savings calculator for a free and instant estimate of your potential tax savings – based on our experience with thousands of client tax savings and credits – click here.

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