Insurance Agent Testimonials
for Stryde Solutions

Be a Consultant Instead of a Salesperson

Stryde’s weekly Mastermind calls include audio reports from three Stryde Advisors. Over the course of the 15 years they’ve been recorded, this adds up to over 2,000 such testimonials from insurance agents and other financial professionals who’ve added Stryde’s cash flow generating solutions to their client and prospect offerings for small and midsize businesses.

Following is a sample of insurance agent experiences incorporating Stryde into their businesses (“Pres Pro” is the screening software used to pre-qualify businesses as shown in the video at the bottom of this page):

Michael C. (“The ‘money finder’…I’m not going in with a product” – COVID discussion at 4 minute mark)


Michelle B. (“The thing I love most about Stryde is it’s not selling…go to them and say ‘Hey, I think the IRS owes you money and I can help you find out if they do.’..I don’t have to sell an insurance policy to receive compensation.”…She’s building a team for commission overrides)


Michael H. (“The Stryde system is second to none…I’m just having fun!“)


Emily H. (“SRP” is the Stryde Retirement Program – an insurance-based retirement program with many of the tax-advantaged benefits but none of the restrictions of typical qualified retirement programs…”It’s about making them more profitable.”)


Here’s a brief video demonstrating how the Pres Pro screening process works for identifying how much in new cash flow that U.S. business clients and prospects can expect to receive via Stryde:


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